Production of blueprints was the cornerstone of our business back in 1920, and has remained a core service line for the company since that time. Architects, engineers, general contractors and individuals have learned to count on us for quality production in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our services have grown to include:

  • Plan Room Services: Our cloud-based Plan Room service can save you time and money -
    • ​Upload all your project files
      • List as public or private
      • Send out email/fax bid invites
      • Receive & manage ITB responses
      • Track all planholders
      • Find jobs to bid on by reviewing all public jobs

  • Scanning and Archiving: Save physical space at work or at home by converting your paper documents to electronic files.

    • We'll organize your documents by date, file type or any way that makes sense to you.

    • We can accept documents up to 36" wide. Items to consider include blueprints (naturally), facility drawings and plans, manufacturer's documents, personal files (with the exception of tax and legal documents).